Environmental commitment

LANDMANN Holding is one of the leading companies in Germany with regard to sustainability

A few years ago LANDMANN took the innovative decision to enter the wooden furniture sector.

This coincided with a new critical movement in the German and European markets which opposed the use of teak and all other tropical hardwoods that were traditionally used for outdoor wooden furniture.

LANDMANN was committed to fulfilling the FSC standards from the very outset. These standards ensure that the earth's wood resources are treated in a sustainable and responsible manner in order to safeguard them for future generations.

LANDMANN and GARVIDA GmbH are two LANDMANN Holding companies that occupy the first two positions in WWF's ranking for the German wood and leisure industry.

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FSC is an international non-profit and non-governmental organisation. Independent certifiers inspect all companies every year based on the FSC standards.

Today Landmann has an external FSC expert who covers all wood-related FSC activities for the Group. The standard is so high that the WWF has offered its cooperation. Landmann became the first company in its industry since 2002 to become a member of the WWF Wood Group.

This consistent approach has made the Landmann Group one of the most trusted in the industry. Many well-known trading partners today place their trust in the expertise exhibited by internal personnel and external consultants of the Group.

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