LANDMANN market strategy


Landmann focuses more on the consumer.

Updated market image.

One of the most traditional European brands in barbecuing will add fresh impetus to the market with a new long-term strategy.
For over 40 years, Landmann has offered everything needed for an enjoyable BBQ experience. “We combine the customers’ wishes with our many years of experience”, said Guido Kühne, CEO of Landmann Holding. This creates concepts that are specifically tailored to the needs of different target groups. Especially in challenging economic conditions, it is more important, in Landmann’s opinion, to know the customers’ wishes in detail and to address them specifically. “To this end, we have carried out extensive studies in the past few months”, commented Kai van der Marel, Managing Director of Business Development Landmann Holding.
The results of this research contributed to a long-term further development of Landmann brands and concepts. “In the future we want to appeal directly to the different consumer groups and thus support sales of the products”, explains Peter Kietzmann, General Manager of Landmann GmbH & Co. Handels KG. “We will continue to work with our trading partners in the barbecue market and create new initiatives, both in terms of innovative products and by promoting strong-selling strategies.”
In future Landmann will be seen as the brand for an enjoyable BBQ experience. It appeals to consumers who prioritize clear commitment to high quality workmanship, contemporary design and innovative functionality.
In addition, Grillchef is the universal brand for barbecue fun. It appeals specifically to a younger audience, is presented in a simple way and offers everything a barbecue needs. The addition “by Landmann” makes the affiliation to the Landmann product world clear.

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