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LANDMANN with new generation of gas barbecues.

The thule barbecue for sophisticated needs.

High quality stainless steel finish and innovative technology. With the thule-line LANDMANN is bringing onto the market a new generation of gas barbecues with modern design and sophisticated technology. Several details support ambitious barbecuing in a homely atmosphere.
Do you want to cook delicious Mediterranean food for twelve people and quickly conjure up a hearty barbecue party atmosphere? It’s easy with barbecues from the LANDMANN thule series. Special features are technology and design. All models have distinctive, safe stainless steel front handles to protect hands from the heat. And the precise temperature display is integrated into the BBQ-lid manufactured in two models made of brushed stainless steel. These also include two 30x48 cm grilling areas, each consisting of a grill and grill plate made of heat-retaining cast iron. Both sides can be used and are coated with a thick layer of enamel for easy cleaning. The grill is ideal for shrimp, vegetables or grilled food that easily falls apart.
Under the cast-iron grill, three 4.5 kW burners power up the barbecues with covers made of enamelled steel or stainless steel – depending on the model.
The gas is ignited piezoelectrically with a simple turn of the ergonomically optimized operating buttons. The recessed side burner, also made of cast iron, and practical retractable cover is ideal for heating sauces or soups. A stainless steel or enamelled steel grill is a practical intermediate warming place.
In the double-wing cupboard below the grill, there is plenty of clean storage space for all utensils including gas bottles. Two XL and easy-clean side shelves with cutlery holder are standard. Thanks to four solid and smooth steering wheels, barbecues in the thule series are easily manoeuvrable around tight corners to the barbecue spot. And two wheels can be locked to prevent the BBQ shifting position.
Three versions of the thule series from LANDMANN come in sizes of 150x124x65.9 cm. The top 3IX model is made entirely of stainless steel. The 3HX model has a cover, front panel and stainless steel handles. On the 3AX model, the hood, side shelves and doors are anthracite. 3HX and 3AX are convincing models thanks to colour and material combinations.

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