Product information: geos


Barbecuing with campfire feeling.

geos – not just for use in the garden.

Ever had the spontaneous idea of grilling a couple of juicy steaks in a real campfire atmosphere? No problem! The new geos swing barbecue from LANDMANN is assembled in a few minutes and you’re ready to cook. After hassle-free cleaning, the equipment can be stowed easily and compactly.
The modern implementation of the traditional swing barbecue is extremely practical, stable, stylish, yet robust. Geos has a stable powder-coated tripod. It houses the enamelled fire-bowl, working area and barbecue pipe arches through which the chain is run for the grill. These can be attached to hooks on the side using ergonomically shaped handles for adaptable height adjustment. The chrome-plated barbecue grill fitted with surrounding edge for safe swivelling is suspended from three carabineer hooks. The generous 55 cm-diameter grate makes catering for ten people easy!
Travelling with the swing barbecue? No problem. Geos is quick and easy to put together – by lakeside shores or in a mountain meadow.
Use the ground spike included with the barbecue to avoid unpacking the fire-bowl. BBQ a juicy steak or crispy zucchini over an open fire – an outdoor experience of a special kind!
With the geos from LANDMANN, this dream can quickly become reality. But beware: open outdoor fires are prohibited anywhere, anytime.
At the end of a rustic family evening barbecue, the unit can be cleaned effortlessly. Grill, chain and handle are deposited in the firebowl, covered with the table and stored in a space-saving way.
The practical geos swivel barbecue by LANDMANN is available in DIY stores and garden centres for a MSRP of 129.- euros.

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