Product information: black pearl comfort


LANDMANN black pearl with a world first

First kettle barbecue with height-adjustable grill

OptiHeat system for simple intuitive handling. The world’s first kettle barbecue with height-adjustable grill is now available from Landmann. Surely good news for all who enjoy juicy steaks, spare ribs and barbecued sausages.
LANDMANN’s black pearl comfort is standard-fitted with the OptiHeat system. Its advantages are plain to see: optimal temperature control when grilling barbecue food directly. The grill’s three height positions make achieving the right temperature easy at all times. Handling is simple and intuitive. Ergonomically-shaped handles also simplify raising and lowering. Simply turn and set the grill in the pre-set grooves to adjust to any one of three positions.
The LANDMANN black pearl comfort has more practical features. The enameled coal grate and fire-bowl are quick and easy to clean. That also applies to the large ash pan for easy disposal of ash and cinders. The lid – also enameled – is fitted with a thermometer, so the chef is always aware of the exact temperature. The ventilation slit for optimal regulation of the oxygen supply is also found there, supported by the enameled chimney. A heat shield under the handle on the lid ensures the hand is always in a safe area. A practical cutlery holder is positioned on the outside of the barbecue. A coal divider supports indirect grilling. For a spontaneous family evening meal or a surprise visit by friends – the 46 or 56-centimetre grill areas are more than adequate for hungry barbecue lovers.
And, when the barbecue is over, the black pearl comfort can be moved back quickly and easily to any place. Its rubberized wheels ensure comfortable operating features.
LANDMANN has designed and sold high quality and user-friendly barbecues and lifestyle products for the garden for more than 40 years.

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